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Move About launches the world's first corporate EV car sharing service at DNV


The car sharing service will be very visible at the DNV offices, and in the Oslo area. The electric cars have eye catching decoration that communicates DNV’s environmental stewardship, and the massage “I work for the environment” proudly displayed on the doors.

Henrik O. Madsen, President and CEO of DNV, says: “We had to rethink the way we travel, both in our commute to and from the office and for work related travel during the day. Now our employees can drive electric cars to meetings, and Move About’s sharing system means that we need relatively few vehicles to provide clean mobility to many people. The result is that way we will reduce both emissions from driving and minimize the use of resources to produce the vehicles. At the same time, we will reduce the need for employee parking, as the availability of these shared cars will allow them to take public transportation even when they need a car for errands or a meeting during the day.”

The service will initially include 5 electric vehicles, which will be shared by approximately 150 employees. The cars will be booked through a dedicated wed page, and users access the vehicles with a personal wireless access card. The vehicles are equipped with GPS, an on-board vehicle monitoring system and can communicate wirelessly with Move About service staff. DNV’s goal is to reduce the number of employees who drive to work, by providing a flexible and convenient transportation alternative for use during the day. The initiative is part of the broader ”We do” program, which encourages DNV employees to become active participants in reaching DNV’s environmental goals.

Move About has developed a set of customer focused products, services and processes to enable car sharing with electric vehicles – thereby combining two of the biggest trends in the transportation sector. “Move About is very excited to have DNV as our first customer, and appreciate their innovation in trying this new service,” says Michael Eimstad, Managing Director of Move About. “DNV is a perfect reference customer for Move About.” In addition to the vehicles and booking system, Move About provides a complete service concept that includes: vehicle financing and insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance and service, regular cleaning inside and out, change of tires, and more.

Move About is now in dialog with several other companies to provide a similar service, which makes it easy and cost effective for companies to provide clean mobility to their employees. Branded vehicles also send a strong message that these companies take their environmental stewardship seriously.

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