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Private EV rental for Statkraft employees


As the first employer in Europa, Statkraft is now allowing its employees to rent the company’s electric cars for private use.  Move About has delivered EV mobility on demand to Statkraft since 2009, with employees using the cars extensively for work related travel.  The service is now being expanded to allow private rental in the evening and on weekends.

For over two years, Statkraft employees have had two THINK city’s available for work related mobility needs.  Employees order the cars through a dedicated web portal, and unlock the car with their personal key card.  The key is in the ignition and the car is charged and ready to go.  Access to the electric cars allow employees to take public transport, ride their bikes or walkt to work without losing the flexibility that access to a car can give.  It also reduces Statkraft’s use of taxis and eases pressure on parking.

Move About delivers the service as part of a complete mobility solution that includes vehicle washing and maintenance - including monitoring of the vehicles’ batteries, so that employees always get a car with eneough electricity for their planned trip.

Employees pay a reasonble fixed price for private rental, which includes all mileage and insurance costs.  The cars must be returned with at least 75 % charge status, so that they can also be used effectively during the day.