Move About
Zero Hassle - Zero Emmisions

Our Vision

Move About provides:
- fun
- convenient
- and cost effective personal mobility,
while laying claim to the least possible amount of:
- energy
- production resources
- and public space


Move About has developed a set of customer focused products, services and processes to enable car sharing with electric vehicles – thereby combining two of the biggest trends in the transportation sector.

Move About operates both public car sharing services and closed systems to corporate customers. The business model has been designed such that central elements can be implemented in many cities throughout the world.

Move About has almost 100 electric vehicles in operation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Move About is a visible and positive movement towards sustainable transportation. We have sought and entered into partnerships with major companies based on long-term aligned interests in moving towards sustainable and cost effective transportation:

  • Energy companies working for the electrification of transportation
  • Property developers looking to offer clean and effective transportation to renters
  • Public service providers working with cities to improve city centers

We are currently looking for local partners in major cities to roll out Move About’s car sharing system. Interested parties are welcome to get in touch.

Contact us at: or phone: (+47) 815 69 966