Move About
Zero Hassle - Zero Emmisions

Zero emissions, no noise, fewer vehicles, less traffic – Move About makes your city better.

Move About is part of a sustainable urban mobility movement that compliments public transportation, bike share programs and other initiatives to provide an alternative to private vehicle ownership.


1. Order your car

Log in and make your reservation. Just tell us when you need a car and about how far you want to drive, and we’ll reserve a car with plenty of battery capacity to get you where you’re going.

2. Pick it up

Our cars are parked at dedicated parking places located conveniently around the city. Go to the closest station at your reservation time, and unlock the car with your personal access card. The key is in the ignition and the car is ready to go.

3. Drive!

Our electric cars are clean, well maintained, and have a long range,. They’ll get you where you’re going quickly, quietly, and with no emissions. Local incentives vary, but electric cars often have free parking, are exempt from road pricing, and car drive in bus lanes. Check with your local authorities or Move About representative for complete details.


Move About currently operates City Car Sharing in Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Copenhagen

Contact us at: or phone: (+47) 815 69 966